Enduring Beta

Ross Llewallyn, a white cis man, smiling with his curly hair and button-down shirt

Howdy! I'm Ross Llewallyn.

I'm a software engineer, community organizer, compassionate human, and serial overthinker. This is a website where I share my work, talk about myself, and perhaps entice you to get in touch.

"Enduring Beta" is my online handle of choice. (In software, a "beta" is an early release that works, but it likely has bugs or missing pieces.) This reflects my ethos of persistently growing and improving my skills, empathy, and understanding. It also refers to a broader project I believe in of creating equity among us all in our cultural, economic, environmental, and technological systems.

My scope of influence is modest, but I endeavor to use it towards creating human flourishing.

My Work

  • Sunday Assembly Atlanta president (2017-)

    • I manage, produce, and/or facilitate monthly productions with diverse speakers, enticing themes, and fun musical performances. This all-volunteer effort is for an average of 40 attendees each assembly.

  • Georgia Tech MyTest COVID-19 surveillance testing front end developer and lab system developer (2020-)

    • I rapidly engineered web applications for GT campus and Georgia legislators to be tested and for lab techs to process samples during this pandemic. Over 100,000 tests have been completed to date.

  • Fulton County Remembrance Coalition web designer (2019-)

    • I maintain this resource for remembering victims of racial terror in my community. We have created an exhibit and placed a marker (see photos below) in this effort.

  • @GTWhistle weird bot maker

    • I designed this Twitter bot that tweets with the traditional Georgia Tech steam whistle (still unsure if more celebratory or annoying).

  • Volunteer Management Information System and Issue Management System front end engineer and tech lead (2016-2021)

    • I modernized legacy enterprise systems for thousands of Army servicemembers and their families to access important services and resources.

  • Wireless In-Flight Entertainment front end developer and scrum master (2018-2020)

    • I led 3 agile teams through many cycles of task prioritization, reporting our progress, and learning from retrospectives. I transformed our complex release procedure to a consistent, reliable process in partnership with our sponsor.

Contact & Links

I'd love to know about opportunities to create something good in the world with my skills. I'll happily share my resume on request.

Ross standing next to the back of his car with boxes of food for delivery insideRoss standing in front of a art piece called "Mega Chandelier" looking a bit skepticalRoss in a general-use indoor area with poll machines and workers behind himRoss standing next to a marker in Roswell, Georgia remembering Mr Mack Henry Brown, who was lynched in 1936


Bricks header photo by Jakob Braun