Wellness Wheel

Understand your well-being and see it in a unique, intuitive way.

The Wellness Wheel is an Android and iOS app in beta development.

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  • Track your well-being in multiple categories and review your history of entries using a wheel visualization.

  • Enter how you're feeling about important parts of your life: relationships, money, recreation, physical space, love, and anything key to your well-being.

  • Once done, explore the wheel visualization of your mood at this moment. How big is the wheel? How well would it roll?

  • Is there a change you can make to make the wheel more full or more smooth? Consider trying it.

  • Take a few minutes to enter a new wheel periodically (once a day, once a week), and see how your feelings change. What trends emerge? What aspects of your life are connected? What changes are working?

  • Build an understanding of yourself and where happiness is found for you!